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Nick's Spot.

Year 1













Year 2













Year 3













Year 4 (3 years old)














1.  Footprint ID Card.  I don't fit in these midget boxes.

2.  Getting weighed in the buff at around 4 minutes old.  Click if 18 or older.  Otherwise please don't look. Mom insisted it had to be here.

3.  Mom thanking me for finally showing up.

4.  Dad holding me at just a few minutes old.

5.  Dad making me feel safe.

6.  Mom is glad we're home from the hospital!

7.  Sometimes I feel so small.

8.  Where are my hands?  I've looked everywhere for them.

9.  Jerome and Rungo weren't sure about me at this point.  I'm glad to have an older brother and sister, though.

10.  One month old.  Getting ready to go to my Baptism.

11.  Thinking really hard.

12.  Grandma Sand wants me to call her Oma.  I try, but it just comes out as drool.

13.  Falling into the Gap.

3 months old

14.  Not watching Mom play soccer.

15.  Smiling at a subtle witticism put forth by my dear father.

16. Dressed up like Tigger.

17. Sneaking a peek as I wake up. Yep, she's still there with the camera.

18. Asleep sitting up.

19. Happy to be photographed.

20. Staring.

21.  Clip: Laughing at Aunt Carolyn.

22.  Easter outfit.

23. Go Blazers! Here I'm watching them beat Utah.

23. Three months old.

4 Months

24. Shasta Lake. The view from Dad's head.

25. When Megan came to visit, I got to go out to lunch, to the Golden Gate Bridge, and to see the ocean!

26. This is how I get around: stroller, and car seat. I really prefer the stroller at this point.

27.  Happy with Mom.

28.  Smiley.

29.  Finger food.

30. Reading The Little Red Caboose to Dad.

31. Trying out our new Backpack.

32. Jolly time.

33. Finally sleeping in the big bed.

34. Hanging out with my brother, Jerome.

35. Do you have toes too?

36. What?

37. Grandma is so soothing.

38. Grandpa, on the other hand, is so funny.

39. Mom said something funny too.

40. Bean bag nap.

41. It's the hustle plays that make you stand out.

42. I love this elephant.

43. Cook! Where's my lunch?

44. Spoon!

5 Months (45.)

46. Twins?

47. There's nothing like a good book to encourage a heated exchange of ideas.

48. Why are you taking a picture of me in the backpack? Back up so you can get us and the kite!

49. I'm happy to sleep in the big bed. The trick is just to get comfortable.

50. I tie-dyed for a 4th of July shirt, but the red and blue kinda wiped out the white.

51. I got to see fireworks up really close on the 4th!

52. I like to chew on my bottom lip. I think it makes me seem older.

53. The thing I remember most from Aunt Jen's bridal shower is the balloons.

54. Thought maybe I'd take grandpa for a drive.

55. Hanging with Mom.

56. Went to Marine World and saw the giraffes!

57. My favorite ride is the Line Ride.

58. Dad is showing me what some people do to unwind after a Line Ride. Floating on a little river in this case.

59. The Line Rides are fun, but they make me sleepy.

6 Months

60. Cousin Nate shows me the joy of watching baseball.

61. Look out, I think there's someone in there.

62. Cousins.

63. Got to meet Rachael finally!

64. Raspberry.

65. With Great Grandma Sand!

66. Strike a pose.

67. Silly.

68. Playtime.

69. Napping after the big game.

70. At camp.

71. We all went to see Santa!

72. Oh Christmas Tree.

73. Gotcha fat boy!

74. Another Christmas Tree photo op Mom can't pass up.

75. What a show!

76. Saint Nick.

77. Whoa!

78. Carousel Movie.

79. Mom, leaving us at the lake?

80. Oh good, she came back to get her feet wet with us.

81. With Oma.

82. Back from vacation. All dolled up and ready for bed.

83. Posing with Mom in honor of my first stay at a hotel.

84. I had a fun time on the big hotel bed!

85. Aunt Jenny and Uncle Lunar's Wedding! Here I'm rehearsing to throw flowers.

86. Needed a hammock break.

87. Being the Rehearsal Critic at a particularly trying moment. C'mon people. STEP, TOGETHER, STEP!

88. Took a lot out of me.

89. So I slept all the next day too.

90. Bleagh!

91. Face off.

92. Hey, look at me!

93. Hollerin' Movie.

94. Smiling and playing with a ribbon.

95. More playtime.

8 Months old

96. I loved the view from the Disneyland Hotel.

10 Months old

97. Three pics of Decorating, the, tree.

98. Can you see me?

99. Enjoying a Christmas dog biscuit!

11 Months

100. Hey there.

1 Year

101. I almost make it to bed...

102. I'm a year old now. Time to learn to read.

1 Year, 1 Month

103. Fresh air make boy tired!

104. Cool guys wear shades indoors.

105. Look at these teeth!

1 Year, 2 Months

106. Mom got me a nice Easter basket. I like the grass!

1 Year, 3 Months

107. Dad dyed his hair to try to make us twins!

1 Year, 4 Months

108. I like to sit on my bike, but I'm not sure how to make it go.

1 Year, 5 Months

109. I love water. Here's some pics of me houseboating: reading, swimming, hugging Jerome, and on deck taking in the view!

1 Year, 6 Months

--Give me that camera!

--I never walk when I can run.

1 Year, 7 Months

--Went to Disneyland again and loved it. Mickey and Minnie were waiting for us when we got back.

1 Year, 8 Months

--Here I am making faces at the camera.

--Here Jerome. Make sure this is still good.

1 Year, 9 Months

--I dressed as Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey Mouse for Halloween.

--Dad asked me to smile, but the best I could manage was stunned.

--I fell asleep, so they put me on Uncle John's lap, since he wasn't going anywhere.

1 Year, 10 Months

Oh, what an exciting month. Went to Disney World for the first time, then came Christmas!

--Here I am at Disney World with Mom and Dad, struggling with Mom to go see the castle, swimming at the Beach Club, watching the ducks, enjoying the Christmas Parade, and looking at all the lights with Daddy!

--These two Daddy tells me are among his favorites: with Mommy walking at MGM, and enjoying the huge lobby and Christmas tree at the Wilderness Lodge!

--Can you guess what ride we're on?

--And here's a selection from Christmas: helping Daddy put lights on the tree, snuggled in for a nap with Jerome and Rungo, Jerome trying to help me figure out my stocking, meeting my new friend, Donald, and showing him to Mommy and Megan, and trying out the new Little People Farm!

1 Year, 11 Months

--Now that Christmas is over I'm really tired.

--We took a road trip where I got to learn to share, dine on chicken bones, and learn some local history.

--I like watching Mom play hockey. She gets down like this, then she let's them have it.

2 Years old!

--Now that I'm two, I am much neater when eating, drinking, and making art!

--I'm also really into Peter Pan. Say you're a codfish or I'll make you walk the plank!

2 Years, 1 Month

--I've finally figured out the right way to handle the kitty!

--Mmmm! Thanks, I'll wear it home.

--What I've learned from video games: Tricky!

2 Years, 2 Months

--Easter was even more fun this year! Here's one!

2 Years, 5 Months

--Castle portrait.

--Got some pirate Mickey things.

--The Boardwalk is beautiful!

--Dad and I have a Secret Handshake!

2 Years, 7 Months

--My cousins came to visit and we went to Disneyland

--The Electric Light Parade was fascinating. I also had fun at the challenge trail and tree house.

--The Jungle Cruise was funny. That's not all, though, I had lots of smiles, silliness, and fun rides!

--Captain Hook is my buddy.

--I also took a break to dive and swim in the hotel pool.

2 Years, 8 Months

--Flying a kite by myself and with Aunt Jen

2 Years, 9 Months
really enjoyed Holloween this year.

2 Years, 10 Months

--I picked this Christmas tree.

2 Years, 11 Months

--Autopia can be serious, but with practice driving can be fun!

--Tamed the big rock bear.

--Trying hard to blend in.


--Got me!

--Me and Dom by a big Christmas tree.

--Aunt Jen took a minute to sit down in a shop and read to us.

--After the parade it Snowed!

--Two weeks later we flew out to see more cousins! I had to get dressed a lot to go out and go sledding and play in the snow. Sometimes it was better to just stay in and read.

3 Years, first month

--I was a big help when we moved.

3 Years, month 2

--After the big move I started to get used to my surroundings and did some exploring in the woods.

--Mommy got me a Bigwheel!

--I like pretending to be Batman and am trying to train Chris to be Robin.

3 Years, month 3

--My big things right now are Bob the Builder machines and my Batman and Batgirl figures.

--It snowed a little one day, so since I'm an expert I wanted to make a snowman with Mommy!

--Daddy and I played with Legos for the first time and I made some friends.

3 Years, month 4

--Here is my first recognizable drawing of a person. It's Daddy!

--We went to Disneyland with Aunt Jen and my friend Megan! I met Mary Poppins, rode on Dumbo, and had a great time in California Adventure! Mom and I rushed over to see Zoe, had my map signed by Ariel, and went on Small World four times!

--The next week I went to Santa Cruz with Daddy, Cam, and Henry.

3 Years, month 5

--Why aren't there any good real-time military combat simulations for the GameBoy Color?